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Single Seniors for Tax Fairness

It's time to demand equality in our tax system.

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With 500 signatures, this petition will be presented to the House of Commons by MP Julie Dzerowicz. It's different from our petition below. Ask a friend to sign it, too!  

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Single Seniors for Tax Fairness (SSTF) is an advocacy group based in Toronto, Canada. We aim to remedy the unfairness in our tax system for all single seniors. We especially want to level the playing field for single seniors who are not/have never been homeowners.

Currently, our tax system supports marriage and home ownership. Our country's demographics are changing; however, and there are many seniors who are penalized because they are single. Numerous tax breaks are available to senior couples which allow them to take advantage of the system in ways that singles cannot. Since the cost of living for one person is approximately two thirds what it is for a couple, maintaining a decent standard of living for many singles is a challenge.

Also, seniors who have never/don't own a home face extremely high taxes upon death. For example, those who leave an estate of $1 million in cash and securities in a RIFF portfolio will lose close to 50% of their money to taxes, while seniors who leave a home valued at $1 million leave a legacy that is tax free. It's unfair that seniors who never invested in a home should lose half their life savings because they did not enter the housing market. 

Our goal is to raise awareness about the unfairness faced by all single seniors, especially for non-home owners. We want to get the attention of policy makers and government officials. It's time that our tax system treats everyone fairly. 




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GOAL: $10,000

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